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16 Days Tour PDF Print E-mail

Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Kom Ombo, Edfu,
Aswan, Bahariya Oasis & Fayoum

Day/01: Cairo
Arrival at Cairo airport, meeting with our tour manager, who will help you through your immigration and customs formalities, then he Apr/14 will escort you to your hotel for check in and overnight.

Day/02: Cairo
Breakfast at hotel. Day at leisure for your Enjoyments.
Arrival at Cairo airport, your friend will meet with our tour manager, who will help him through his immigration and customs formalities, then he will escort him to your hotel for check in and freshen up. Overnight at hotel. (B)

Day/03: Cairo
Breakfast at hotel.08:30 A.M. You will meet with your guide at the lobby to tour some of Egypt's most ancient sites: the ruins of
Memphis at the edge of the western desert, Egypt’s first Capital until the end of the Kingdom and one of the most important cities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. Close to Memphis, we drive to Sakkara, the City of the dead with the famous step Pyramid of Djosser. Continue your tour the Pyramids of Giza, The Great Pyramid Cheops (Khufu’s), is the largest one of the three and one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, was built In the 4th dynasty about 2690 B.C. In front of the Pyramid of Chephren, there stand the alabaster Sphinx, which was discovered in 1912,carved from a single piece of stone. It is a lion with a Pharaoh’s head thought to be a portrait of the Pharaoh Chephren. Return back to your hotel for freshen up. PM Meeting with your representative to transfer you to Giza Pyramids to attend the Mysterious Sound and Light performance at Giza Plateau, where the Pyramids and Sphinx are specially illuminated to their story of Egypt, as they have seen through the many Millenniums. The show take approximately 50 minutes and starting times do vary according to the hour of dusk. Return back to your hotel for overnight.(B)

Day/04: Alexandria
Breakfast at hotel. Meeting with your Egyptologist tour guide to start your tour visiting the Pompey's Pillar, made of Aswan rose granite, which was built in 297 AD for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Continue your tour visiting the Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa are the most interesting of Alexandria. They were built in the 2nd century AD during the Roman era. Its architecture is a unique combination of both Egyptian and Greco-Roman art and the Roman Amphitheater, which is built in the 1st century A.D. and uncovered in the late 1950. At the end of the tour you will be visiting the newly-opened Library of Alexandria, build in the same spot the historical one was existing the library contains a beautiful museum with very special pieces from the ancient and modern history of Egypt. Return back to your hotel for overnight. (B)

Day/05: Alexandria
Breakfast at hotel. You will meet your Egyptologist guide to visit fort of Qaitbey over-looking the Mediterranean the fort was
built on the site of the famous Pharos light house and have a beautiful Panorama for the city of Alexandria (The Pharos), one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Visit The Montaza Palace and Gardens was built in 1892 by Abbas II, the ruler of Egypt, as a royal residence. King Fuad made some additions and his son King Farouk built the bridge that extends in the water. The complex includes two hotels: Palestine and Salamlek The whole area is about 384 acres (1.5 km2). The place is really Alexandria's best place for relaxation. Meeting with our tour manager to transfer you back to Cairo to Station for your sleeper train to Aswan. Dinner and overnight on board train.(B,D)

Day/06: Aswan
Breakfast on board train, Upon arrival at Aswan Station you will meet with our local tour manager to transfer you to your Deluxe
Nile Cruise ship for embarkation. Visit the Philae Temple, the High Dam, and the Granite Quarries. Lunch on board. Sail on the Nile by felucca around Kitchener's Island and Agha Khan Mausoleum. Afternoon tea. Dinner on board & Nubian folkloric show. Overnight in Aswan (B, L, D)

Day/07: Kom Ombo/ Edfu
Early morning sail to Kom Ombo. Breakfast on board. Visit the Ptolemaic Temple shared by the two gods Sobek and Harories in
Kom Ombo. Sail to Edfu. Lunch on Board. Visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu, the best preserved Egyptian Temple. Afternoon tea Sail to Luxor. Captain's Welcome cocktail (smart casual attire). Dinner on board & disco. Overnight in Luxor .(B, L, D)

Day/08: Luxor
Breakfast on board. Cross to the West Bank visit the Valley of the Kings and Queens, where tombs of 64 Pharaohs
and 57 Queens have been discovered, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari and the Colossi of Memnon facing the Nile. Lunch on Board. Afternoon tea. Dinner on board & Galabiya party. Overnight in Luxor. (B, L, D)

Day/09: Luxor
Disembark your cruise ship after breakfast. Visit the Karnak Temple, is one of the greatest architectural achievements
of antiquity. It is a vast complex that embodies the works of many Pharaohs added over the centuries. It was the most important sanctuary in Ancient Egypt then visit the Temple of Luxor, which was started by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II. Return back to your hotel for overnight.(B)

Day/10: Luxor
Breakfast at hotel. Meeting with your guide at the lobby to start your tour visiting Abydos Temple, (2 hours drive) which has
been built on one of the earliest settlements of mankind in the Nile Valley by Seti I and considered one of the most important monuments in Egypt for its magnificient art. Then visit the Temple of Denderah,(45. min. from Luxor) built in the first century B.C. for the Goddess Hathor, the Cow Goddess, known as the "Golden One". It has a unique Zodiac painting on its ceiling. Meeting with our local tour manager in Luxor to transfer you to Luxor Station for your Sleeper train back to Cairo. Dinner and overnight on Board train.(B,D)

Day/11: Bahariya Oasis
Breakfast on board train. Upon arrival at Cairo station you will meet with your tour manager and driver to transfer you to Bahariya
Oasis (400 km), which contains 268 mineral and Salphur Springs. Arrive Bahariya visit the following : Azmeer Temple, Banayouti Tombs, Pharaonic Tombs (in a good shape coloured), among the scant remains of the Greco-roman period it is worth visiting the small Temple of Alexander the Great, at Qasr El-Migysbah, apparently the only place were his cartouche and image were found in Egypt. Lunch during tour. Visit the Museum of Bahariya, which contains 4 mummies from the new rediscovered Valley of the Golden Mummies (if possible pending), which have hundreds of mummies beautifully decorated already excavated and they are believed to be perhaps 10,000 in all including nobles and kings. The cemetery dates to the Graeco-Roman era. Some of the mummies found so far wore golden masks and have magnificent designs of ancient Egyptian gods on their chests Others we coated in plaster or overed with linen and some lay in terrecotta sarcophagi bearing representations of human head. Enjoy night with the Bedouin have tea and see the moon light. Dinner and overnight at Camp.(B,L,D)

Day/12: Bahariya Oasis
Breakfast, Drive to White Desert using 4X4 Jeep safari on the way visiting the Crystal & Black Mountain. Enjoy Camel Ride,
there are several spots to enjoy watching the beautiful shapes of Lime Stones. Drive back to Cairo by Van. Upon arrival at Cairo you will be transferred to your hotel for check in and relaxing. Overnight at hotel.(B)

Day/13: Cairo
Breakfast at hotel. Meeting with your guide at the lobby to drive to Dahshur visiting the Bent pyramid (is called bent because for a
certain unknown reason, it is the only pyramid in Egypt bent like that at it's top beside it is the only pyramid still have the complete lime stone layer covering the whole pyramid which make that pyramid very special) and Red Pyramid (as big as Chephren pyramid and in a very good condition it was called the red pyramid because the inside room walls is red the room inside is open to visit, the reason that those 2 pyramids are not very famous as other 's is they were existing in a military area so they were closed for along time and opened 2 years ago) The builder of these Pyramids is thought to have been Sneferu. Rest of the day at leisure. (Complimentary from our Company) PM Meeting with your tour manager to transfer you to visit the rolling Dervish show held either at the Citadel or in Old Cairo, the show is 2 hours. Enjoy the mystic Sufi order when they perform their fascinating music and dance. Rolling Dervish is originally a religious dance of Sufi Islamic school and became an important folkloric show. The Show will be every Saturday and Wednesday. Overnight at hotel.(B)

Day/14: Cairo
Breakfast at hotel. Meeting with your guide at the lobby to enjoy your tour visiting one of the famous and unique museums the
World the Egyptian Museum, famous for its antiquities from Egypt’s Pharaonic period, which includes the fabulous treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amon. Continue your tour to Old Cairo, visiting the oldest part of Cairo to St. Sergious Church, where the Holy Family was hidden while they were in Egypt. Followed by visiting the oldest Jewish Synagogue of Ben Ezra. Visit the medieval Citadel of Salah El- Din, which contains many structures, the most impressive of which is the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali. It was designed in the early 19th Century by a Greek Architect from Turkey. At the end of your tour visit Khan El Khalili Bazaar, which is the main tourist bazaar located in narrow passageways, lanes and alleys lined with tiny shops, stacked floor-to-ceiling with koftans, brass, inlaid wood, leather cases, copper, goods, carpets, gold and silver jewelry and perfumes .This pedestrian medieval zone is a shopper’s Mecca. (Complimentary from our Company) At the End of your tour you are invited to have mint Tea and nergile (if you wish) at the oldest and most popular café named "Fishawy cafe". Return back to your hotel for overnight.(B)

Day/15 : Fayoum
Breakfast at hotel.7:30 A.M. Meeting with your Egyptologist Tour guide to drive to Meidum visit the Pyramid of Meidum, which
was originally seven-stepped Pyramid and was later enlarged to become an eight-stepped Pyramid. Eventually the steps were filled in and a smooth outer facing turned it into a true pyramid. It is a huge structure and is surrounded by the debris from the casing that collapsed. The Pyramid is thought to have been started by Huni, the last ruler of the 3rd dynasty and then completed by his successor Seneferu. Seneferu was the first king of the 4th dynasty Pharaoh (2613–2494 BC) continue drive to visit the Pyramid of Hawara and the remains of the temple built by Amenmhet III. Drive to Fayoum Egypt's largest oasis, overlooking Lake Qarun, a popular spot for hunting and fishing you will see the old way of irrigation the water wheels. Return back to Cairo to your hotel for overnight.(B)

Day/16: Cairo
Breakfast at hotel. Meeting with your tour manager to transfer you to Cairo airport and helped through your check-in and immigration
formalities for your international flight back home.(B)

Program Includes :

  • 1 Night Bed and breakfast at Hotel in Cairo (Pre arrival)
  • 6 Night Bed and breakfast at Hotel in Cairo
  • 2 Nights half board on First class/ Deluxe Sleeper Train Cairo/Aswan-Luxor/Cairo
  • 1 Night Bed and breakfast at Hotel in Alexandria
  • 3 Nights Full board on Nile Cruise Ship
  • 1 Night Bed and breakfast at Hotel in Luxor
  • 1 Night Full Board at Camp
  • 2 Full days Tour in Cairo + Sound and light Show
  • 2 Full days Tour in Alexandria
  • Half day to Dahshur
  • Over day Trip to Abydos & Denderah
  • 2 Full days Tour in Bahariya & White Desert (Including Camel ride)
  • Overday Trip to Fayoum and Maidum in a private air conditioned Van
  • All transfers in Cairo, Alexandria, Bahariya, Aswan & Luxor will be operated in a private Air Conditioned Van
  • All Tours are operated in a private Air Conditioned Van, Also on the Cruise ship you will not be join with other people, you will have your own private guide in Cairo and on the Cruise Ship (Special Service)
  • Guiding fee for an English speaking Egyptologist guide All through
  • All entrance fees to all Sight seeing, as mentioned in our program
  • English speaking tour manager finalizing passport control and escorting you from Airport to hotel and vice versa

Program Excludes :

  • International Air Tickets.
  • Visa fees
  • Departure tax (If there will be)
  • Supplement if using domestic air tickets Cairo/Aswan-Luxor/Cairo (Instead of Sleeper train) Per Person USD 245.00
  • Gratuities to tour guide, tour escort, Egyptologist and drivers
  • All Charges not mentioned : mineral water, laundry etc ..


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